Who are we and how might we help?

The women from this group are all volunteers. We do not bring formal qualifications to the support we provide. However, we each have our own unique experience of menopause. We understand how powerful it can be to share those experiences with others who have experienced something similar. It can help to cut through some of the feelings of isolation that many women experience. We understand the importance of having someone to listen to. There are a number of ways that we do this:

Email contact

NZEM provides email support to women throughout New Zealand. Having made your initial contact with us, with your permission we will inform other members of the group (particularly those within your region) so that you may be provided with a support network of women who have shared similar experiences. Being on the email contact list also gives you access to relevant and timely menopause information and group news.

Telephone contact

Technology is all well and good, but you might find it easier to talk to someone in ‘real time’ on the phone. If this is the case for you, it’s no problem to make contact by telephone. Simply send us your telephone details and we will make sure that a group member makes contact as soon as possible. We will try to connect you up with another woman who has shared a similar experience to you, and, if at all possible, someone from your own region.

Regional face-to-face contact

We are happy to arrange get-togethers on request. We understand it might feel a bit daunting to front up to a meal or coffee with complete strangers, but we’ve found it can be very uplifting to meet with others who understand some of what you’re going through. If you’d like face-to-face with others nearby, please get in touch.


We have a public and private presence on Facebook. We use our public page for news and announcements and the private group for personal discussions and organising get-togethers.


Please let us know how we  can help: